Friday, October 10, 2008

The Test is Coming

Spaz Next Tuesday, the 14th, is the short story test. It will include the stories, "Dog Star," "Thank You, M'am," "Interlopers," "The Necklace," "The Gift of the Magi," " The Lady, or the Tiger," "The Scarlet Ibis," "The Sound of Thunder," and "Beware the Dog;" other parts of the test include elements such as Irony and Inference, as well as basic story parts (conflicts, character types, etc.), and the non-fiction pieces from the storytelling article and "Separate Spheres".
Vocabulary from "Interlopers" and "The Necklace" is on the exam as well.
REMEMBER TO STUDY! With the upcoming weekend predicted to have spectacular weather, be wary - - plan to study, and then study. Tuesday's exam is the final major grade of the quarter, your final opportunity to change your grade, one way or the other.
1. interact with the information...make flash cards for the rest of the vocabulary that you didn't finish Friday in class
2. ask someone to quiz you from the worksheets and homework questions
3. SWBS the stories; list out all possible internal and external conflicts
4. WRITE a complete paragraph about what we learn from the story (repeat for all stories)
5. review the worksheet from the storytelling article
6. Be Active with the material instead of simply head-bobbling through the pages


Anonymous said...

i have a question about the
4square hw.
when we write the examples, do we write a sentence using the word or just a word or phrase that describes the word?

ex) the word elaborate
a maze( for the example)

Anonymous said...

You may do it either way, the phrase is fine for now. We will do sentences for words later.