Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Short Stories, the Final Few

Yesterday, students read "The Scarlet Ibis" and completed questions in the textbook that followed it. It is a sad story, not about the bird, but about a boy called "Doodle." The poignancy of the ending reminds me much of the novel, The Mighty, or "Freak, the Mighty," the movie version of the same novel. So sad, but full of symbolism for us to study.
Today, the assignment is Ray Bradbury's "The Sound of Thunder" and the questions that follow in the textbook. While "Jurassic Park" was much more popular and set men and dinosaurs together. Bradbury presents a few hidden catches that provoke our considerations. And, the sound of thunder is NOT just the T-Rex! Again, some symbolism, but a great deal of cause-effect details, and we will analyze his style and use of figurative language, particularly his imagery.
"Beware the Dog" is our final short story and takes the biographical/historical approach, unlike the others we've read to date.

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