Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Big Paper

This week, students are working on a major paper assignment on a short story. I am taking them through the four stages: prewriting, drafting, editing, publishing. First students had to make choices about which story and which aspect of humanity is revealed in it on which to write. Developing a thesis with 1. the story, 2. the one, specific aspect of humanity revealed in the story he or she will write about, and 3. how it is shown/revealed.
Meeting I provided a detailed structure for the paper. The introduction is drafted and should be revised for the final draft, same , too, for the conclusion (complete with the "final thought"). The body paragraphs will need specific, concrete examples. For any and each quote used (be it from the story or from the storytelling article), correct citation is required. Students can refer to the media website for more assistance, as well as the English Department's website page for student resources. Both provide strong links for more help after students leave the classroom.
The final 'published' draft is due Thursday in class.

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