Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Since "Fire and Ice"

Since Frost's poem, we have continued into analyzing poetry , as well as making connections to different poems and styles of poems. We read Shakespeare's "The Seven Stages of Man," (444)with "All the world's a stage....", Wordsworth's poem and sister's journal entry on the daffodils they experienced (457,459), and then "The Courage that my Mother Had" on page 461. Today students read and took notes on p 480-489 and were to bring an appropriate poem to class on Thursday to work on.
Some assignments have been:
444/5 PREREAD, Quickwrite and background;
446 (1-6)
460 (1-9) and both parts under 'Writing'
462 (1-7) and the writing part, too.


Maggie said...

Ms. LaBeau,
What is the link to the conant conversion chart for our finals grade? I can't find it through the website.
thanks for all your help:)

Anonymous said...

do a copy paste with this link

barack obama said...

can i have the review sheet for the finals so i could start it over break?

srikanth said...

Ms. La Beau for the final, is all the vocab from the short stories, the books and the poetry unit going to be there?

jackie said...

what are 3 possible structues used for informational, non fiction texts?
and do we need to know all the vocab for each short story? which ones?

Ms. LaBeau said...

No need to worry about vocab from the short stories, individually. There are several from the poetry unit, some from OMM and that; the rest are words within the questions and possible answers/distractors. SO, short story vocab can have less time spent on it.
As for informational texts:
With Informational Texts, what are some possible structures? and words with which to summarize?

1. sequence, first, next, last…

2. c/c, on the other hand, yet, but…

3. c/e, basis, reason, consequence, result

srikanth said...

Ms. La Beau do we have to know the poets and the poems they wrote?

Priyal said...

what were the 3 wriiting things we will have to do on the test

I know Mel-Con, write a poem? And..

srikanth said...

2. Short Answer questions
these are the only two i am aware of.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Labeau
when we make the God packets,
do we write the physical traits like what they look like of the gods or the personal traits like violent, etc. of the gods?

Ms. LaBeau said...

The traits are more personality than what they look like. I will be able to SEE what they look like from your drawing.